Ms Teo

English & Maths teacher for Nursery One

I am Ms Teo. I have been in the preschool profession for about 13 years and I am DPT trained.

Teaching is a passion for me. I enjoy being with the little ones. They bring great joy to me and I enjoy parting knowledge to them. Besides parting knowledge, their overall development is an important aspect during their early childhood especially in areas of social and emotional development. My philosophy is to build the children self-esteem and confidence, as well as understanding their learning abilities, which are essential for children to develop their life into its fullest. Children with healthy self-esteem will smile more readily, and are generally realistic and optimistic. I also believe in having a lot of hands-on activities to cater to the needs of the children.

My approach to preschool education is the view that each child is an individual with different potentials and learning abilities and to make the lessons fun and rewarding as well.

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